Using Dry Shampoo for Hair Extensions

Dry shampoos have become widely loved over the last few years and it has turned out to be a wonderful solution for millions worldwide. Who wouldn’t want to use dry shampoos? OK, so a lot of people will think they’re a bit odd or not ideal for their hair but in truth, drier shampoos are great.

However, what happens if you have hair extensions? Will you be able to use dry shampoos? You can as long as you follow a few basic guidelines. Read on to find out more about hair extensions and using a dry shampoo on them.

Be Wary How Often You Use Dry Shampoos

It’s important to note that while using the best dry shampoo can be extremely useful for hair extension, it isn’t meant to be an everyday washing solution. Now, this is important to remember simply because hair needs to be cleansed regularly, even hair extensions otherwise they can look dull and very unclean. A dry shampoo is really a break between washes so that if you find your hair looks rather dull on a Tuesday after washing on a Monday, it gets a nice refresh look via the dry shampoo. Learn more detailed information at

How Should The Shampoos Be Applied?

If you are using a spray-on shampoo then all you have to do is spray nearer the roots and leave the solution to dry in. Once the shampoo is dry, you simply brush your hair and style however you like. However, if you plan to use a powder shampoos you must also apply to the roots of the hair. Once you do, it’s important to spread the powder throughout the hair with your fingers. The hair can be brushed or styled just before you go out the door. These dry shampoos are super easy to use and there is no lengthy-process necessary either.

When Should The Shampoo Be Used?

As stated above, this isn’t an everyday solution but rather something to use every second or third day. For example, let’s say you wash your hair on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you could look at using the best dry shampoo on a Tuesday and Thursday. This would give you a break from washing on a daily basis. Also, if you use on these chosen days, the follow day, you must ensure the hair is properly washed so that no build-up is allowed to remain on the extensions.

Dry Shampoo

Making Your Hair Look Great

While most think a dry shampoo will be the answer to their hair problems, that isn’t quite the case. Checkout their latest comment for more details.

However, it will allow you to get a break from washing your hair on a daily basis which isn’t always good. Yes, it’s important to have clean hair but washing your hair far too often can result in loss of natural oils which isn’t good. That is why it’s important to look at using dry shampoo. This can make your hair look better during those off-days and can be a lot easier to maintain too. Using dry shampoos with hair extensions is very simple so enjoy and have great looking hair.

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